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PaaS@Any Cloud

AWS/Google/Azure + ARDIC PaaS Core Services Up To 60% Saving on your cloud costs

Capacity & Performance Planning

- CI/CD of high performance high-resilience & scalable custom services

- Transformation of existing services to secure&scalable&reliable cloud services

- Cost optimization and DevOps of existing cloud solution

- Regardless of the IaaS Layer (AWS, Google, Azure or Any DC)

Robust System Design

- Single Point of Failure Proof

- Scalable (LoadBalanced)

- Optimized Data Base

- Low NW Utilization 

- Business Continuity Plan

Any Cloud

Custom Designed APM

- Custom Designed User Interfaces

- Flexible Access Right Schemes

- Add/Drop Metrics in real Time

- Cost Efficient wrt generic APM Services

Gradyan Arka Planı

Big Data & Analytics


Big data software and platform development 

Data governance and security management 

Data integration services 

Data Lake Services 

Data Explore & Normalization

Data visualization

Big Data
Multi Tenant
1055 [Converted]-02_edited.png

Multi Tenant Management Interface

User Friendly Front End Access

- Secure Access 

- Layered Authentication & Authorization

- Quick Dashboard Design Interface

- GUI Based Complex Event Processing Rule Definition 

- Activity Log for Forensic Purposes

- Access from every where mobile/PC

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