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Mobile IoT

Mobile IoT

We are the end-to-end platform specialized for mobile IoT that are mobile devices are moving to the core of the IoT ecosystem. Managing and utilizing mobile devices as edge computing gateways will prove crucial for certain verticals to fully make use of IoT.

We are also re-defining IoT by allowing software or applications act like a sensor or soft actuator within the scope of IoT data handling & processing. Any scalable IoT Project requires deep multi-domain know-how. Our platform has been delivering cloud platform services for over a decade. We have the expertise to get you up to speed. Your development time will be reduced by an average of 50%, and your cloud costs will be reduced on average by 30%, and your associated development cost will be lowered. 

Mobile IoT

IoT Ignite

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IOT Ignite is multi-layered platform technology, big data, analytics and AI. Highly scalable for large scale connectivity management, device and services provisioning, management and control, service automation of the connected devices. Extensive REST APIs for 3rd party cloud integration.

Data is handled on the IoT device itself before reaching the cloud. Smart edge gateways execute rules, complex event processing and Artificial Intelligence @edge, that allows efficient decision-making, at edge even without cloud connectivity.

It has real-time visibility and optimization tools for field personnel managers and leaders to increase efficiency.

IoT Ignite
Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

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Industry 4.0 Experience

- Shop Floor data collection over various protocols and data structures.

- Smart EDGE Terminal with ARDIC’s OS is no longer dependent on the internet connection and can function as a standalone network node.

- Field data is stored on cloud for increasing efficiency through visualization, deep analytics, actionable insights – predictive notifications.

ARDIC’s IoT Solution is the industry’s first Android@EDGE platform w/zero touch configuration with LTE networking.

Industry KPIs & Quality Metrics

- Dashboards make performance visible, transparent across the plant. Equipment, operator, department level goals can be defined and tracked.

- Setup/Changeover methods efficiency is monitored, work order and product dependent quality issues are determined. Downtime analysis and quality optimizations results in improved OEE figure.

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